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What is Your Deepest Gladness?

Stoeffler Art Studio, Fredrick Buechner Quote
Background Image: "Disintegrating Distraction by Beholding Beauty"
God has put unique gifts, talents and treasures inside all of us which are to be shared with the world. No gift is too small, no talent is too usual and no treasure is too inaccessible. As I've grown into a person who has connected with my deepest gladness, I can see its affect on the world around me for God's glory, purpose and love. Wherever you are on your journey to the fullness of your life in God, may you be encouraged as you seek to uncover and share the way in which God has designed your gladness to be a bridge between the Water's of Almighty God and a world who thirsts for Him. Love, Nanci "The place where God calls you to is where your deepest gladness and the world's deepest hunger meet." Fredrick Buechner Click Here to read an except from Buechner's book, 'Wishful Thinking', where this quote originated.


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