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AN AGING CHILD'S MEMOIR: Perspectives from the Intangible

All at once I am awakened into the space

where prestigious wealth drips

from stars sharing themselves

with sea-tossed strangers.

Emerging from secrets,

I learn to embrace a flowering emptiness

as a mysterious expression,

adrift in present tense, wanders among

funeral processions and wedding vows

seeking sanctuary.

While the dust collects,

I am beautifully born from epitaph,

tossed by the waves

of a disappearing song,

crafted beyond time,

woven into harvested worth.

Slowly, as I am engrafted into

panoramic views from eternity,

I emerge over these blank pages

to scrawl out an aging child’s memoir,

bleeding with devotion,

until the Fullness of Time leaves me

expectant with treasure.


Photo from vecstock on Freepik


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