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Creativity Series: Awaken the Artist Within

Artist and instructor, Nanci Stoeffler, will help you explore the unique way you've been wired to express creativity. By using creativity exercises and painting methods of play, experimentation and intuition, these classes are designed to inspire and encourage you as you uncover, discover and recover your own creativity.


Levels 1, 2 and 3 will involve these topics:


  • Discussing creative road-blocks

  • Exploring your own unique way of creating

  • Learning how to trust and value your instincts

  • Learning the importance and purpose of mistakes 

  • How to bring "yourself" to your art

  • How to use a palette knife

  • Painting with acrylics on canvas

  • Paint color blending, choices, contrasts and similarities

  • Movement, textures and layering

  • Colaborating with others



It helped me because I have not been giving time to my creative gifts recently. It was soothing and I felt connected to the others in the class as we were all working.   ~Kelly


It was like a spa for my soul.  ~Tina


I learned a lot about myself. ~Joany


It was fun and cathartic to just “play in paint”; to let go and just push and squish and smack paint around with a pallet knife!  ~Amy


The class inspired me to follow my passion for art, to be in that tranquil state of mind to hear God so I can share with others the finish product that may bless someone.  It was uplifting, edifying and helped my inward expression to be free. ~Belva





For more information or to schedule a workshop, please contact me.

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