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I have always been naturally drawn to the peripheral world. For it is there I sense a clear connection with the mysterious invisible worlds which house a unique potency of life, purpose, meaning and truth. Spiritual investigation and creative exploration have been the most difficult yet natural, fulfilling, and fruitful paths to take in order to obtain the wealth hidden in these unseen spheres. The invisible worlds I’m speaking of are the worlds of concepts, ideas, philosophical and theological thought, the spiritual realms, the inexplicable, the intangible, the mysterious, as well as the complex universe of the soul.

My spiritual and creative journeys have led me to partner with my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, to express the seemingly inexpressible discoveries and stories found hidden in the invisible worlds. Along the way, He has taught me to embrace, value, and celebrate my natural gifts of sensing, perceiving, and intuition which has led me to form my own unique painting techniques as I seek to chronicle the landscapes of these invisible worlds though instinctual, organic, and map-less artistic expression.


Stoeffler Art Studio seeks to glorify Jesus Christ by bringing hope, beauty, inspiration & nourishment to the soul through the arts.


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