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Bringing Awareness to a Small Animal Shelter in Morocco with a big heart, big dreams... and big needs.

Hello, my name is Nanci and I live in Indianapolis Indiana USA. Recently I was watching a video series on a YouTube channel I enjoy called Kinging-it (Craig and Aimee -- a quirky couple from Whales, UK traveling the world). In this series, they shared their journey as volunteers for a small animal shelter in Morocco (Morocco Animal Aid) to transport three dogs from Morocco to the Spain to help them arrive safely at their forever homes.


I must say, I cannot stop thinking about what I saw at that over-populated, underfunded animal shelter (I’m now crying as I write this). The particular images that struck me were of some paralyzed dogs who were struggling to get to the side of the pen where visitors had come in to love on them. Another image was of one of the co-founders, Lucy, who had a small kitten, very sick with mange, whom she had strapped to her chest so she could check on another animal (which spoke to me of kindness as well as the need for more help!)

morocco animal aid

I was also enthralled as I watched Craig and Aimee’s story of love, joy, patience and compassion as they journeyed with these three adorable dogs to give them over to the next set of volunteers who would finally transport them to their new homes.

I learned in the video there are over three million street dogs (and an unknown amount of cats) who are at risk, under-fed, injured or ill in Morocco. This small shelter, Morocco Animal Aid (MAA), at the time Kinging-it filmed their video, was helping 400 animals.


As I did some research on MAA, I observed they had a very small following on social media and no presence in regular media. So, I thought I would try to spread the word about the wonderful work they are doing, hoping to shed some much needed light on this special place with a big heart, big needs and a big dream…


So, that is why I’m sharing this with you. I would love to see MAA flooded with social media and regular media exposure, so they can get the funding and help they so desperately need.


Please share this information in whatever way you feel is best.


Some links to share with you:


Kinging-it’s YouTube MAA video series:

Video # 1

Video #2

Video #3

Video #4


Morocco Animal Aid (MAA):





Thank you in advance for whatever help, support, and exposure you can offer Morocco Animal Aid.

Love and Blessings,

Nanci Stoeffler

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