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Scripture-Based Prayer on Grace and Weakness

I enjoy doing a deep dive into a word study on a portion of scripture and then develop a prayer based on my findings. I developed this prayer during a very intense season of struggle and trials and wanted to share it with you.



'But he said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” Therefore, I will boast all the more gladly about my weaknesses, so that Christ’s power may rest on me. That is why, for Christ’s sake, I delight in weaknesses, in insults, in hardships, in persecutions, in difficulties. For when I am weak, then I am strong.' 2 Corinthians 12:9-10



I exalt and delight in you Almighty God, in your Grace towards me. Your grace is kindness, it is a gift and blessing brought to me through Christ Jesus. Grace is your favor which you, God, freely extend to me from your very self, because you are inclined to reach out towards me, to be near me, to lean in towards me on order to share your grace with me in thankfulness. 

This beautiful grace is sufficient for me. As I come near to you, I experience contentment inside your more-than-enough Presence. Your Grace satisfies. It also wards off enemies and enables me to bear up under anything because Grace possesses unfailing strength. 

I can do this because your forceful, miraculous power is perfected in my weakness. Your power is fulfilled, accomplished, and is executed thoroughly throughout my weakness – throughout all of my frailties, every ounce of feebleness of character, morality, strength or ability of body, soul or mind. Any place that is in need of strength, any area that lacks capacity to comprehend any portion of you, God, and your ways. 

Because your grace is forcefully accomplished throughout all of my frailties, I live with my head held high full of glory, with the perspective from the vantage-point of my base of operations, the heavenly sphere where you abide, so that I successfully deal with all matters with this uncommon powerful grace as I abide in God-given confidence. 

Because of this, I am all the more glad about my weaknesses! l am full of great pleasure and my actions are done with fulfilled gladness and joy! Which means that all of my weaknesses are affected, yielded and subdued under the weight of the fullness of Christ’s power as it rests on me. Christ’s power is a raised tent over me and also dwells in me. I enjoy a lifestyle of abiding with Christ and his power as a tabernacle and sanctuary spread over me.

The reason why I glory in my weaknesses is for Christ’s sake. So that Christ benefits the most and he is put in the most favorable and advantageous position in my life.  

It gives me great delight and I am resolved to be well-pleased to the point of formally and legally approving of my own weaknesses, any area of feebleness or frailty of body, mind or soul. I also delight in times when disapproval, insults or outrage are directed towards me or whenever I experience damage or loss. I take pleasure any time I am faced with temptations towards sin, compromise, complacency, distractions, or idolatry. 

I am well-pleased in the midst of and because of any hardships of life. Of any forcefully oppressive circumstance which causes constraint, or strong forces demanding me to yield in order to accomplish something that is absolutely required. Any moment when I am in need, want or lack. Any outward influences or pressures exerted on me by others or by the enemy. Any oppression which leads to the point of torment or torture of body, mind or soul. 

I am resolved to delight in persecutions, the hostility or ill-treatment done by those trying to suppress or punish God’s messengers. 

I greatly delight in difficulties, those circumstances of body, mind or soul that cause great distress, anguish, crisis, calamity, or confinement. I stand in faith believing your Word which states that whenever I am weak, then at that moment, I am made strong, powerful, able and capable. This happens because of the ability exerted by Christ's power made available to me in the midst of these weaknesses, hardships, persecutions and difficulties through God’s grace! For you come to display your limitless work throughout whatever seeks to limit me!

Therefore, through Christ’s power, I am full of well-formed, mature character and moral fortitude so that I develop miraculous and dynamic strength of body, mind and soul which enables me to encounter danger, bear pain or adversity with great courage and obedience leading to natural and supernatural victory at all times. 

Thank you, Most Holy God and Father, for all that you have mysteriously and supernaturally made available to me! You are indeed worthy of my affection, attention, worship, devotion, and faith! Thank you for your promises! I exalt you; I choose you, I wait for you and I embrace you with all that is within me! Bless your Holy Name! 

I pray, declare, and decree this prayer is complete and accomplished in, through and by Jesus Mighty and Powerful Name, Amen - So Be It!



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