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Welcome to my Online Gallery!

This is a catalog of most my current original artwork available for purchase. Please contact me for pricing.

For Safe Keeping
Spring's Water-Song
The Basket of Treasured Disgrace
Born to Climb
Until Eternity is a Season
Whispering Trees
Nearing the Passage
Stalagmites that Formed a Sunrise
Dukale's Dream
Childhood Fireflies
Treasures from the Sea
Lion of Judah
Light as a Feather
Under God's Arbor
Alice in Wonderland
An Unknown Language
Fairyland Waterfall
Colorado Sunset
Winged Intercessor
Majestic Descent
Between Restlessness and Disappearance
The Geography of Words
Opening Jars of Clay
A Saturday
Volcanic Fingerprints
Big Pink Joy
Blind Ocean Current
Up From the Deep
The Current of Childhood
Sounds of the Sea
Rock n Roll Amy
In the Eye of the Storm
Dive In
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