Welcome to my Online Gallery!

This is a catalog of most my current original artwork available for purchase. Please contact me for pricing.

For Safe Keeping
Spring's Water-Song
The Basket of Treasured Disgrace
Born to Climb
Until Eternity is a Season
Releasing Song
Whispering Trees
Nearing the Passage
Stalagmites that Formed a Sunrise
Silhouette's in Grief
Dukale's Dream
Childhood Fireflies
Treasures from the Sea
Lion of Judah
Light as a Feather
Angel's Iris
Under God's Arbor
Alice in Wonderland
An Unknown Language
Fairyland Waterfall
Colorado Sunset
Winged Intercessor
Majestic Descent
Between Restlessness and Disappearance
The Geography of Words
Opening Jars of Clay
A Saturday
Volcanic Fingerprints
Big Pink Joy
Blind Ocean Current
Up From the Deep
The Current of Childhood
Sounds of the Sea
Rock n Roll Amy
In the Eye of the Storm
Dive In