I’d like share with you some big dreams and new opportunities I have in relation to my art, art ministry and art business.


ART First I love being an expressionistic artist and I’m thrilled to continue to explore this form of creativity. But I also have creative ideas and skills for: a devotional book series, a children’s’ book series, songwriting and more.


ART MINISTRY Second, I am so thankful to see how God is blessing, inspiring and encouraging people through my artwork, classes, one-on-one sessions and speaking engagements. This is so humbling and life-giving for me I look forward to devoting more time and energy to these opportunities.

HEALING THROUGH THE ARTS But I also have had a vision to share my artwork and creativity classes to those that are hurting and hopeless: such as homeless, prisoners, abused women/children or the hospitalized. I know the healing power of art and the Lord has asked me to share my creative gifts in order to bring His hope and healing through the arts. (To learn more, follow the Dignity + Hope + Beauty link at the end)

Back in 2009 I started to learn about Human Trafficking and my heart was completely broken for these women and children. As I asked the Lord, what I could to do help them, the first thing that came to mind was art therapy….but I hadn’t even found my creative voice yet! How crazy awesome is that?!?

THE HOPE CENTER Ten years later, the Lord has connected me with a ministry called the Hope Center who ministers to human trafficked victim and help them transform their lives through the love of Jesus Christ. Currently, the Hope Center has a fully-stocked art studio on their campus but they have no artists involved right now to develop the program or lead classes! I feel this is such a ‘divine appointment’ for me and I want to bring my artistic skills to share hope and healing of Jesus through the arts to these women. I can't wait 'til I'm able to get started! (To learn more about the Hope Center, follow the link at the end)

ART BUSINESS Third, I deeply desire to support myself through my art. One way I can do this is through my art pendants. Since 2015 I have been creating and selling these pendants which are mini-prints of my full-size canvas paintings. They have been very well received on a small scale but I have a large vision to sell them not just locally, but regionally, nationally and internationally.


So, recently I’ve contacted a handful of women’s boutiques and gift shops just to explore this potential market. And within the first week I had a few shops that said they were interested in carrying my pendants in their shop and wanted more information. That was rather exciting! So, now I am in the process of growing my art business by becoming a wholesale supplier to women’s boutiques and gift shops. (Gulp!)


One shop owner suggested I check out the AmericasMart in Atlanta, GA which is where she finds her suppliers. My plan is to participate in this international gift trade show in 2019 or 2020 which would help me connect with retailers, shop owners and manufacturers who are actively seeking new jewelry/gift suppliers. (To learn more, click the link at the end)



1. a gallery-on-the-go

2. transforming my paintings into fabrics

3. having an actual studio space

4. gallery space

5. an arts collective

6. a stillness and arts retreat center



Recently, I was having lunch with a friend and sharing these new opportunities as well as the financial and time constraints that are holding me back. She said, “why don’t you let people know about your dreams and your needs and see what happens?”


This got me to thinking about the old saying, “it take a village to raise a child”. Remember that one? Well, I’ve come to realize that it also takes a village to raise a dream…..


So, that’s why I’m sharing all of this so I can…. find my village! Find those people who connect with my art, my ministry and/or my business and would like to help raise these dreams to life.



So, what exactly are my needs right now? Here are a few:


1. ART DEVELOPMENT/ MINISTRY NEEDS: art supplies, exhibit fees, art contest entry fee, art grant submission fee.

2. BUSIENSS NEEDS: marketing costs, website costs, professional photography costs, computer and technology upgrades and the cost of international gift show in Atlanta, GA would be around $10,000-12,000 including travel expenses.

3. PERSONAL NEEDS: health coverage, a reliable vehicle, reoccurring/ unexpected bills



My first fundraising goal would be $25,000. In addition to individual support, I am also actively looking to apply for art and small business grants (which is a very long and slow process). If you would like an itemized list of needs and costs, please contact me.



If you feel a connection with or catch the vision and potential of anything I’ve shared and choose to donate, you’ll help one artist raise her dream to life!


And that dream simply put is - to make art, make a living and make a difference.


Thank you so much for your time and support.

Nanci Stoeffler




TO DONATE https://www.stoefflerartstudio.com/donate



Art Pendants: https://www.stoefflerartstudio.com/shop

Hope Center: https://www.hopecenterindy.org/   or   https://www.facebook.com/HopeCenterIndy/

AmericasMart: https://www.americasmart.com/

Dignity + Hope + Beauty: https://www.stoefflerartstudio.com/d-h-b