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The 'Emerald Storyteller' Painting is Irish Inspired

Nanci Stoeffler's 'Emerald Isle' Painting has hints of Irish roots.
'Emerald Storyteller', 2012
In honor of St. Patrick's Day, I thought I'd share this painting and the story behind it. The colors of the painting definitely have an Irish feel to me. So when I created the poem inspired by the painting, I was transported to the coasts in Ireland.
After I created this painting, I took time to study, soak in and discover it. I was treated to seeing so many images which evoked the mere beginning of story-lines.
I often see many stories in my paintings; maybe that's because I am passionate about storytelling. My favorite part of the story is often the beginning. The characters are just starting out, their history has yet to be unfolded and the journey is still a mystery. My part as the observer is to simply enjoy the jumping off stage of "what if"?

Dark night, misty --
the distant lilt of bagpipes linger
while from my window I watch
a cloaked shadow move slowly along the shoreline.
Traces of moonlight teasing
as night breezes
awaken in me a longing
to un-shelve the stories
waiting for me in the shadows.


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