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Art Story: "Stirred Anointing; Shared Blessing" - The Importance and Power of Community

Stirred Anointing; Shared Blessing, 2016, Acrylic on Canvas

On a Sunday morning in Missouri, a fellow artist-friend, Daniel, stopped me at church and said, “You need to create. No more excuses. You have an anointing.” It was a powerful moment as I experienced an electricity come through me.

As I left church that day contemplating what took place, I became incredibly grateful he took the time to listen to the Lord which led him to encourage me in such a direct and blunt way. I then realized it had indeed been months since I had painted; not necessarily from excuses but more from the “to do lists of life” (perhaps that is an excuse too...).

I felt inspired from Daniel’s word, so I went straight home and began painting. As I did, I felt the anointing of God stirred up and released from within me. As I was creating, the Lord kept bringing the words “stirred anointing, shared blessing” to my mind. And this is the painting I created that day.

A few years later, I shared a picture of this painting on social media. A woman named Sarah shared:

“I am so incredibly stirred by this piece!! I feel this piece when I look at it! I feel like I am looking into the water and I am waiting to see what God will reveal to me! It also stirs me to get into my studio at this moment! This is so gorgeous and just completely awesome! I love it!! Keep creating with the Lord! He is being offered through these works!!! I am so incredibly stirred by this piece!!”

Wow! What an exciting and incredible honor to inspire someone in such a way! And that’s exactly what this painting is about. Daniel stirred up the anointing in me because he didn’t want me to keep it to myself, I needed to share it. And once I responded to that stirring, a blessing pour out of me onto a canvas which I then shared with others. And in turn, that blessing stirred up someone else to pour out what God has put inside of them!

This is a great example of why our Father God intends us to be in community so we can encourage and inspire each other, to stir up the anointing and gifts the Lord has deposited within in each of us. As this happens, we then pour it out and share these blessings and gifts with others…and who knows where it will go from there!

Thank you, brother Daniel, for your faithfulness in stepping out to encourage me in this way, so I could use my gifts to encourage others.

"And let us consider how we may spur one another on towards love and good deeds." ~ Hebrews 10:24a, NIV


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