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Quote Analysis about What Defines Us...

"Man is defined by what troubles him, not by what reassures him." - Ellie Wiesel

After contemplation, I would have to agree with this. For it is through or because of a difficulty or trial that we seek reassurance. If we had no difficulties or pain, the assurances would not in themselves be tested as to their validity and value, as well as test our ability to rely on them in the midst of the difficulties.

Therefore, it’s the difficulties - what troubles us - that refines us and defines us. And in so doing, what we claim to be an assurance will either crumble under the weight of trouble, thus proving it is made of an inferior substance, or it will endure the test and then becomes a reassurance. While life's troubles test what we put our assurance in, it also defines what we do with what troubles us.


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