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Painting, poem and song: "Look for Me"

Stoeffler Art Studio, Nanci Stoeffler, abstract art, art for sale, expresssionistic art
"Look for Me"

God’s desire for fellowship and closeness with us is seen throughout the scriptures. But he also longs for us to reciprocate that desire for closeness and fellowship with him. So much so, that scripture tells us that once we put our faith in Jesus, God in turn puts his Holy Spirit in us so that we would be able to cry out to God and call him by his most intimate of names, “Abba (Daddy) God!” (Galatians 4:6, NIV) We also see God’s desire for closeness in one of the names He gave to Jesus, “Emmanuel” which means “God with us.”

This painting, poem, and song serve as an invitation to remind us that our triune God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, longs to walk closely with us in fellowship and communion. It is up to us to choose to partner with God and take the time to look for Him by developing our spiritual senses to perceive his nearness throughout all the extraordinary and ordinary portions of our existence.

Look for Me,

In the glory of the lit moon,

Beneath a soaring bird’s wings,