Painting, poem and song: "Look for Me"

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"Look for Me"

I created this painting earlier this year and wrote a poem about it and then a tune. Unfortunately, I don't have a recording of the song yet.

Look for Me,

In the glory of the lit moon,

Beneath a soaring bird’s wings,

Within the moment of ‘soon’.

Look for Me,

Alongside the somber hearse,

Beyond the pastures quiet,

Within the mystic verse.

Look for Me,

As the solace to heal the pain,

Within the memoir of the butterfly

In a song’s familiar refrain.

Look for Me,

Despite a careless slipping grasp,

Within the feeling of home,

In the comfort of laughter’s past.

Look for Me,

In the silhouette of a winter tree,

Swirling the colors of autumn,

Inside the pages of history.

Look for Me,

Throughout your vapor upon the earth,

Waiting inside abandoned stories,

Hidden within new birth.

Look for Me,

Within a haunting melody

That awakens sublime’s longing

With traces of me --

The Lasting Remedy.


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