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ART STORY For Safe Keeping: God's Buried Treasures

Stoeffler Art Studio, Painting, For Safe Keeping, Abstract art, expressionism, devotional art, knowing God
For Safe Keeping, 2017

"You are my private garden, my treasure, my bride, a secluded spring, a hidden fountain." - Song of Songs 4:12 (NLT)

There is a place inside my soul that was fashioned by my Living God to house a sacred space for him to share, develop and enjoy intimate communion with me, as his beloved. It is a place where I come to delight in his breath-taking beauty revealed to me through his Name, his Word, his Spirit, and his Presence. Thankfully, the safety here has enabled me to embrace complete transparency and tender vulnerability before God as I allow him to slowly transform me by his love and presence.

Within the secure walls of this communion-home, we have both enjoyed an active, vibrant union that is costly to build as well as maintain. Over time I’ve come to experience God depositing within me some of his very precious, costly, and private treasures for safe keeping. These treasures serve to anchor me with a buoyancy of my hiddenness in Christ and his hiddenness within me. May I never become neglectful of the sacred space of God’s buried treasures within the garden of my heart, where Christ comes to make himself known and I become known by him.



This original artwork: Click Here

As a pendant: Click Here


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