Infinity Well of Hope

Sometimes I post a picture of one of my paintings on social media and ask for title suggestions. I've found this is a fun way to engage people to process their own feelings/perception about art but it also helps me to understand what people see in or feel about my paintings.

This past December, I posted this painting and asked for help giving it a title. I got over 80 responses and they were various! Most people saw water of many types: ripples, swimming upwards, diving inwards, a well, whirlpool, reflections, immersed; also subjects of depth, drawing towards, falling, vortex...the list goes on!

But my heart was most touched by a post from Cheryl, an old college acquaintance, who said:

"So today I lost my momma, and I saw this shortly after she passed and I thought- HOPE."

Wow. I was so humbled and grateful that a painting of mine gave hope to her grieving heart in the midst of losing her mom. So I knew I had to have 'hope' as a part of the final title which is; Infinity Well of Hope.

My prayer is that through my paintings, people will continue to find encouragement, inspiration, beauty and...HOPE!

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