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A Caretaker of Other's Stories


2017, Acrylic on Canvas, 12x24

Last week at at the Eight One Five Gallery, I was talking with a guest who shared what she saw and felt about my paintings. One painting, in particular, stirred up uncomfortable emotions for her. As I asked some clarifying questions, she realized it was evoking the truth that she had unforgiveness towards someone. I was so thankful for this to happen to her, even if it was difficult, because it can ultimately lead to something good. This is exactly why I paint the way I do and what I do. I desire to enrich, enhance and encourage the lives of a anyone who may pause, even for a brief moment, in front of a painting of mine.

As I continue to unravel and understand the full-scope of my assignment as an artist, one aspect I'm learning about is that I am a caretaker of other people’s stories. Even if it’s merely a sentence, a paragraph or a footnote of their story which they’ve not been able to discover on their own but are somehow mysteriously able to discover through these vivid colors and abstract movements on a canvas from artistic methods that the Lord has asked me to steward; it is worth my time and effort. May I be faithful, truthful, kind and attentive to these hidden stories and the lives from which they come.

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