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Water-Droplet Door

Water-Droplet Door

Acrylic on Canvas, 18x22, 2016

As I look at the painting, I sense the colors come from one strand of a piece of colored rope that’s part of a saddle on the back of a camel that’s traveling across a dry desert. I see the strand of rope begin to unravel and it keeps growing and growing until it reaches the ground and seems to be searching for water until it finds a well. The unraveled strand of colored rope extends down into the well where less and less light exists. I see the rope reach the bottom of the well and finally touches water.

As the rope reaches the water, the water is transformed into the yellow center of a daisy and light is brought into the depth of the well. I see the water droplets on the flower’s white petals where I see my reflection in each droplet. As I move toward one of the reflections, I see there is a door standing in front of me and I open the water-droplet door and enter. As I do, the pollen from the daisy soaks into me through the water I pass through. While I’m passing through the water, I sense a deep chamber of mystery and I hear a sound that stirs the waters of my own soul. It is the Voice of my Beloved echoing in the vast canyon that exists there. I stop in this between-sphere to listen, to hear and filled with the awe I was created to enjoy, experience and consume.

And after a long while, I continue on and pass completely through the water-droplet door taking with me the substances of the eternal gold that I mined as I spent time alone drenched in oneness with my Living God.

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