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The Road Less Traveled


Acrylic on Canvas, 16x20, 2015

As I allow for the expanse of time to wander down the blissful Path of Solitude, I find myself enfolded in moments strung together with mesmerizing meaning.

Scattered along the Path are the shy Flowers of Slowness. I drink deep of their fragrance tenderly filling me with lightness. More soul-windows are cleaned, opened; receiving and releasing fresh air day-beams.

Further down the pathway, each step filled with time-soaked musings, I an unhindered to indulge in the relaxed invitation to saunter with the Company of Stillness where I am suspended into a translucent substance made for transcendence.

Then I am lead further down that Path into a garden, the Garden of Silence where I am drenched in a luxurious utopia of otherworldliness. And I am home.

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