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Help Send My Arts Cards to At-Risk Kids

June 15, 2017 - I am very excited to share with you an opportunity I have this summer. Open Sky Arts Collective, which is a dance troupe, will spend time with kids from a city in West Virginia which is one of the drug capitals of the US. Most of these kids are born already addicted to drugs, which makes starting out in life extremely challenging.

Open Sky seeks to bring the beauty of dance, song and arts as a way of reaching their hearts so they can learn of their value, worth, identity and Jesus love for them. I feel a connection to this project because it correlates directly with my Dignity + Hope + Beauty division of my art studio. And one way that I do this is through my Arts Card Project which is simply giving away cards with my artwork on the front and an encouraging message or poem on the inside.

One important thing that art does is offers a message that life isn’t just about surviving, it’s about thriving! And my hope is these arts cards would plant a seed of dignity, hope and beauty in even one child’s heart to encourage them that God has good plans for them for a life that’s thriving.

So, that’s where you come in! Each of these cards cost about $1 each to make. My goal is to send 100 of arts cards which means my goal is to raise $100. My deadline is June 22 so that means I only have a week to raise the funds!

So, won’t you consider helping me partner with Open Sky Arts Collective and bring dignity, hope and beauty to these kids through my arts card project? Any donation makes a different. Thanks you!

To make a donation: CLICK HERE

To learn more about my Dignity + Hope + Beauty Division: CLICK HERE

To learn more about Open Sky Arts Collective: CLICK HERE

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