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Meeting Life's Challenges

My, how things have progressed. The smaller canvas size on the right (16x20) is predominately the largest size I used for the first 3 years as a painter. In 2016 I began frequently moving to larger sizes, often much larger like the one on the left which is 30x40.

I remember how intimidatingly large the SMALLER one on the right was for me at first. Now the larger one (which I wield a much larger pallet knife too) is a sheer delight to create on, is becoming less and less intimidating and somewhat small too (I'm becoming ready for even larger canvases...just need a much larger space to house them!)

So, I want to encourage you on your life's journey too. Keep challenging yourself with things that seem intimidating or challenging or unmanageable. In time, that can become your new "normal" making you ready for the next step, your own "bigger canvas", so-to-speak, which will display some of your best and most beautiful victories yet!

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