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2021 update

Wow! What a year it's been!

Towards the end of 2019 as I was seeking the Lord for direction for 2020, I felt Him say he wanted me to step back from all of my business and social media activities for the whole year. I felt he desired me to "shut down" short-term in order to "prune me" for fruitfulness long-term. I am so thankful I was obedient and took the risk!

2020 has been a wonderfully productive year personally, spiritually, relationally and creatively.  Now that I'm starting 2021, I can look back and say I now feel refreshed, recharged and re-calibrated!

As 2020 was coming to an end and I was seeking the Lord for direction for 2021, I felt him say, "simply be a light". This was part of a larger process the Lord had for me specifically in relation to the business and practical side of my art world. What I've learned is, I had unknowingly taken on some unhealthy "Western Culture" ways of doing things. I had taken on the mind set to "serve the business". When in reality, the business is there to serve the Lord's goals and plans for my art.

I now see the purpose of my art business is not to generate an income. The purpose is to serve as a platform for me to be a light. Then in due course, the income will follow. This really does change everything!

I have a lot of good and exciting plans for the near future! But the pace is going to be much slower than is typically expected in order keep in step with the rhythms of the Lord. So, I'm sensing what I had hoped to accomplish this year, the Lord desires to stretch out over a three year period. And that's ok with me!

So stay tuned (and patient). Thank you!!



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