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Art Story: Stalagmites that Formed a Sunrise

Nanci Stoeffler, Stoeffler Art Studio, Art Story: Stalagmites that Formed a Sunrise, 2019
Stalagmites that Formed a Sunrise, 2019

There is something mysterious and intriguing to me about caves. I feel drawn to their solitude, depth, and soothing darkness. I also feel they are indeed a metaphor for the human soul – with all its unexplored mystery, twists and turns. It really is, as Phillip Yancey describes it, “a universe all its own”.

A stalagmite, as you might remember from science class, is a “mound or tapering column rising from the floor of a cave, formed of calcium salts deposited by dripping water and often uniting with a stalactite (which does the exact same thing in reverse).”

How I love this picture and what it represents spiritually to the human soul! As we allow the Dripping Water to come and drip, drip, drip down upon the cavern of our soul, it forms within us columns rising up to connect with… something. And that something is a someone -- our Creator. The One who formed us and longs to have fellowship with us.

As I allow my very personal, Creator-God into the secret spaces of my soul – learning to trust him – drip by drip by drip – exposing my need to be known, He meets me there. And I become known; until I am united with him. Over time, I find myself transformed into a being who is nourished with this connection through His soul-quenching, Waters of Presence. Then, his beautiful pools of Life gather within me – until the Sunrise in His Eyes is the glistening reflections of His Beauty born in me.

Secret cavern whispers
Of mountainsides filled with
bleating sheep and
Tether-free worlds ---

Excavation echoes
From solitary drip
Rising towards Beauty
No longer
Out of reach.


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