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RG Endres Gallery Exhibit, September 2017

Looking forward to my next Gallery Exhibit through the Prairie Village Art Council. The Show will run throughout the month of September with an opening reception on September 8th. So if you're in town, I'd love to see you at the opening reception!

And this show also has my very first Press Release (below)

For Immediate Release:

Contact: Ada Koch, Prairie Village Arts Council

Telephone: 913-481-4095


Two Artists Featured at RG Endres Gallery Exhibit

Nanci Stoeffler and Rachel Williams will be the featured artists at the RG Endres Gallery located at the Prairie Village City, 7700 Mission Road, Prairie Village. The exhibit will run throughout the month of September. An opening reception and opportunity to meet the artists will be held Friday, September 8th at the gallery from 6-7:30 pm.

Nanci Stoeffler, who lives in the Kansas City area, has created her own painting techniques with acrylic on canvas that allow her to express the seemingly inexpressible discoveries and stories from her spiritual experiences. The rich colors in these abstract paintings are delicately rendered to allow the viewer a chance to contemplate, relax and enjoy the moment.

Rachel Williams, from Iowa, mixes images from the animal world with bits and pieces from the suburban domestic world, to reflect the ephemera of her everyday experiences. Her work has elements of collage, aqueous media, drawing and painting. The pieces take months to complete and take the viewer to a magical world where one can understand a beautiful sense of wonder.

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